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How bad could it be?

Even though I write at least once a week, I struggle with calling myself a writer. Beyond sharing my work with you on Firefly's website, I've always been hesitant to post my stories to the general public out of fear of potential judgement that might accompany being vulnerable with people who didn't opt-in to hear from me.

I recently signed up for a writer's class, Find Your Voice, hosted by Elephant Journal. I've been writing more, and have posted a few articles on Elephant Journal as part of the course.

In an effort to claim the label as writer, I'm embracing vulnerability today by sharing one of my poems with you.

Hello, Fear We've been well acquainted throughout the years, but I've never considered you a friend.

What have you been trying to teach me?

To take calculated risks, to protect myself, to not go too far, feel too much, or jump without a parachute?

I have listened, but sometimes not. Sometimes I haven't jumped at all. Other times I left my parachute behind thinking I didn't need it anymore, but then saw the error of my ways.

But now I shake your hand, and introduce myself. I'm ready.

Phew - I got that over with... Now, I toss the question out to you - has fear been holding you back from something that you've always wanted to do? If so, ask yourself this - what's the worst thing that could happen? I'm willing to bet it won't be as bad as what you might conjure up in your mind. ;) P.S. One of my submissions to Elephant Journal was recently promoted to the magazine level. You can check it out here. If you feel compelled to do so, I'd greatly appreciate if you give it a heart to help boost my contributor score.

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