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Yoga Pose

Corporate Services

Keep employees healthy, engaged and productive with Firefly Community's workplace wellness services. 

Corporate Yoga Classes

Many people experience aches and pains due to working all day at a desk. They lack flexibility and balance, and often have chronic back pain.


Firefly's yoga classes focus on alignment to create balance in the body for the most efficient use of energy, strengthen under-used muscles, and stretch and lengthen those muscles that are shortened by sitting for long periods of time.


Our students have experienced increased flexibility, balance and strength, and decreased chronic pain as a result of attending classes regularly. 

Contact us to get started with on-site corporate yoga classes. We provide options for fully company-paid, employer/employee cost-sharing, or employee-paid. 

Wellness Workshops & Programs

The cost of poor health is not only in higher medical insurance premiums, but also in lost productivity and dis-engaged employees. 


We help organizations to engage employees and keep them healthy by providing health and wellness workshops and programs covering critical health and wellness topics from stress management to healthy eating to mindfulness practices. 

If you want a more productive and health-conscious staff, contact us to schedule one or more workshops, or receive consulting to develop a wellness program. We offer a variety of topics, or can create a customized program to meet your specific needs.  


"I have had the benefit of attending yoga classes taught by Carrie at two companies in Broomfield over the past several years. Her patience and skill in leading these classes is quite amazing. She always sets a very relaxed mood using her fun, but peaceful personality, appropriate music, and readings on yoga and meditation. She is very attentive to individual students, being mindful of their limitations and needs for alternative or adjusted poses and props. Her Yin classes especially have helped me tremendously with back issues and muscle soreness from surgeries, exercise, and sitting at a keyboard for 8-10 hours a day. She has a very deep knowledge of yoga and its affect on the body. Thanks, Carrie." - Craig, yoga student 

"I've been taking classes from Carrie for two years. She is an excellent and diverse yoga instructor. She has always been very sensitive to the needs of the class, and to those of individual students. I am an older athlete that has concentrated a good portion of my fitness time in the gym going various resistance based training methods. Through Carrie's methods, my flexibility, my resistence to injury and quickness to recover has greatly improved. I am true believer that strength, endurance, balance and flexibility training are the secrets to slowing down the effects of aging, all of which you get in Carrie's yoga classes." - Steve, yoga student

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