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A wellness program for women over 40 who are ready to take back control of their lives.


Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • You are pulled in multiple directions and can't find time for you;

  • have felt stuck for years and feel like you're just going through the motions;

  • tried every diet and fitness fad out there with no results;

  • feel tired all of the time;

  • have lost strength and stamina;

  • are dealing with health issues and at a loss for how you can turn things around on you own;

  • can no longer eat the way you used to without gaining weight (especially around the middle).

Get reacquainted with your body and what you need to be at your best.

Are you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice? It's either take this medication or supplement, follow this diet or that one, or do this work out. All of which feel impossible, restrictive, or like you have to be "perfect" to feel good? 

You don't need to be "fixed" - the right answers are already within you!

Diets don't make you healthy. Counting calories is not sustainable. Insane workout regimens that don't consider that you have a full-time job and a family don't make sense. 

Of course, making lifestyle improvements won't be easy. But when you understand your why, it’s easier to commit.


Health is not only physical, but emotional, spiritual, and mental. Rather than focusing on just exercise, or just nutrition, or just meditation, this program provides support in all areas of life and health, and provides PRACTICAL information on how to apply what you learn to your everyday life.  ​

What does "holistic wellness" mean exactly? 

Holistic means we address all the things that nourish you and affect your overall wellbeing: the work that you do; the food that you eat; your relationships; your level of activity; and your mindset. 

Wellness is living your life consciously in ways that improve your health and wellbeing so you can have more joy and pleasure in your life

There's no quick fix, or magic bullet that works for everyone, but there are things that you can start doing today that will help you make lifelong improvements. We’re all different, and our bodies have different needs at different stages in life.


If you're tired of someone handing you lists of things that you can or can't eat, this program is for you.

At Firefly, we're not into fads or diets, but helping you create long-term, sustained lifestyle improvements. 

In this program you'll learn to listen to your body to understand how it reacts to certain foods, and different forms of movement. You'll tap into the power of mindset to help you make improvements that stick.

Yoga at Home

Stop feeling guilty about not being able to stick to a diet, or meet unrealistic goals. 

You can do this! We've got your back! We will challenge you and hold you accountable, but also support you 100%.

We'll work together to break down your goals into actionable, baby steps. Small changes made over several months can result in huge health benefits.  


I get it. You're busy! You know what you "should" be doing to be healthier, but life gets in the way. That's why I designed this program so that it fits your lifestyle and routine. When you sign up for one of the programs that includes the online content, you'll have access the materials at your convenience. Video, audio, and written resources are at your fingertips 24/7.  


It takes time and commitment to change your habits, but you can make lasting improvements for your health! This program provides a framework that's fun, AND life-changing. We're here with you through it all. Examine various aspects of health in a “try-it-and-see” approach.

In this program, you'll receive tools and support to: 

  • pay attention to the wealth of information within you to create a life you love

  • shed the things that are weighing you down physically, emotionally, and mentally

  • understand what makes you reach for certain foods and how to combat that

  • change your relationship with food, and be excited to eat healthy things

  • upgrade your mindset so you can really listen to what your body needs

  • move in ways that bring you joy and don't feel like just another task or to-do item

  • destress so you can have more energy, feel good, sleep better, and be happier

  • feel more in control of your health and life

  • incrementally reach your goals through actionable steps and gain more confidence

  • make lifestyle improvements that stick


Take the first step on a journey that helps you feel good about yourself, make healthy choices, and be more in control of your own life. 

Pricing and Programs

VIP Program - with Online Content; Total investment $1,999*

Are you starting from scratch and need more time, guidance, and support to digest the materials, keep you accountable and on track to meet your goals? Our VIP program includes all of the online resources, a 90-minute intake meeting to get you started, 50-minute sessions every other week for the core 10 weeks of the program, and a 60-minute closing session in week 12. 

Standard Program - with Online Content; Total Investment $1,499*

Are you great at taking-in information and applying it, but need some accountability? Our standard program includes all of the online resources, plus five hours of one-on-one time with a personal coach throughout the 12-week program. This includes a 90-minute intake meeting to get you started, 30-minute sessions every other week for the core 10 weeks of the program, and a 60-minute closing session in week 12.  

Online Only; Total Investment $699

Are you a do-it-yourselfer who just needs some tools, resources, and reminders? Our online-only option will suit your DIY-style. This option includes full access to all of the program modules with online videos, audio, and supporting documents, and two 60-minute calls with a personal coach (an intake meeting at the start of your program to get you started, and a closing session in week 12).

 *Payment plans are available. Prices shown are for paying for the full program at the beginning of the program. Note: The online portion of this course is hosted on FreshLearn. When you register on the course page, you'll pay the online-only portion of the program fee. If you choose to enroll in the Standard or VIP Program, you’ll receive a separate invoice for the one-on-one coaching component. 

​What’s Included

  • Prerequisite materials and assignment 

  • Intake call with personal coach at the start of the program (60 minutes for online-only or 90 minutes for Standard and VIP programs)

  • Five core modules of video, audio, and supporting documents 

  • Standard program includes 30-min coaching session every other week for 10 weeks; VIP program includes 50-min coaching session every other week for 10 weeks 

  • Course completion materials, assignment, and call with personal coach in week 12  

  • Invite to Firefly Community’s private Facebook Group

  • Weekly emails

  • Discounts on Firefly retreats when you register while in the 12-week program


NEW OPTION: Premium Program - without Online Content; Total Investment $1,499*

If you prefer an option that doesn't involve more time on your devices, this new offering is for you! You still get all of the guidance and support of the VIP program to keep you accountable and on track to meet your goals, however you will not have access to the online resources. This premium option includes six 50-minute sessions with a personal coach, which are held ever other week for a 12-week period. You receive the same great benefits of Firefly's private Facebook Group with free monthly classes, and weekly emails with health and wellness content. To get started with this option, please schedule your free 30-minute wellbeing audit.

If you’re not sure that you’re ready, schedule a free wellbeing audit with us and together we can explore whether or not this program is a fit for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t get through all of the online modules in 12-weeks? ​

A: The modules are self-paced, so you can move through the materials as fast or slow as you like, and in a way that fits your schedule.  


While the one-on-one coaching calls for the standard, premium, and VIP programs are all scheduled to take place within a 12-week period, you’ll have lifetime access to the online content, including any changes or additions that are made in the future, as long as Firefly continues to offer this program. That means you can come back to the modules as often as you need.


If you find you need additional support and accountability beyond the 12 weeks, there's an option to add more one-on-one coaching sessions. This option will become available to you in week 12. 

Q: I’ve tried other health coaching programs in the past. What makes this program different? 

A: I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, and have personally used the tools and resources that are presented in this program to implement healthy habits. I offer anyone who is interested in the program a free 30-minute consultation so together we can determine if this program is the right fit for you. If you decide to register, I’m here to support you every step of the way. 


If you make the commitment to yourself, honestly complete all of the modules and assignments, and show up to your coaching calls, you will see results. If after the first two weeks of the program, you feel that it’s not for you, we'll give you your money back. Note: if you withdraw from the program and request a refund, you’ll no longer have access to the online content, and any one-on-one coaching sessions remaining in your agreement will be cancelled. 


Q: I have so many things on my plate right now, I’m not sure I can commit to one more thing. What’s the time commitment for this program? 


A: The program is designed to be self-paced and to provide helpful tools and resources that can be integrated into your day. The online modules include video, audio, and written formats so that you can download what works for you, and watch, listen or read at your convenience. It’s not about completely overhauling your life in one day, but rather replacing current habits and behaviors with new ones. The modules are designed to be moved through one at a time and there’s no requirement that you complete them all in the 12-week period since you will have lifetime access to the program materials. 

Q: Who is the coach for the one-on-one sessions? 


A: That’s me, Carrie Lehtonen, founder of Firefly Community. I was once like you. I was busy running on the hamster wheel, climbing the corporate ladder, and ignoring that voice inside that was telling me “stop, you’re going the wrong way!”  


My heart decided enough was enough in 2009. A heart attack at 31-years old stopped me in my tracks. My heart was suffering from all the pushing, climbing, and proving. I discovered that in order to heal my heart, I needed to stop long enough to listen to that voice inside, take action and make time for the things that made me feel more "me" - to make a commitment to myself. 

On my journey to a healthier, happier life, I received education in over 100 dietary theories and various lifestyle-coaching methods. I became a registered yoga teacher, which was only the beginning of my deep dive into the world of yoga. I continued my education in all things yoga (it’s about more than just the poses) with training in Costa Rica and across the U.S. 


I uncovered tools and created resources that support not only physical health, but emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. I was able to let go of the expectations of society, others, and even myself, and to connect to what I really want out of life. I made friends with my monkey-mind to quiet the noise, healed my body and spirit, cleaned up my diet, started managing my stress, and my heart’s been healthy ever since!    


​I started coaching people to make sustainable lifestyle improvements in 2012, and led my first yoga retreat in 2015. My life’s work now is to help others ignite their inner light, and gain the tools and resources so they can thrive, because the world needs us all to shine! 


"Carrie helped me to determine what areas of my life I wanted to change or modify. She organized and outlined steps to realistically make progress on my goals in the areas of diet, exercise, goal-setting, and reflection. She listened to my dilemmas and challenges with understanding and gave encouraging advice. She helped guide and direct me in self-discovery and in tracking progress. She gave me concrete tools to help achieve my short term goals and made me think of bigger picture of how I want my life to look in the future. She really supported me though a very difficult time in my life. She provided me with some great recipes, yoga sequences, journaling tools, and self-evaluation worksheets to help me in the future as well. I have really enjoyed working with Carrie as she is a caring and insightful person with unique wisdom from her own experiences. I am looking forward to doing another retreat with Firefly Community this summer." - Bonnie

"I worked with Carrie for a 3 month period. During that time she was very supportive. She provided guidance and encouragement while holding me accountable to reaching my established goals. Carrie also introduced me to the practice of meditation which I have learned to enjoy!" -Shannon

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