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Whole Foods for Whole Health
Coaching Program

Are you currently on a path that is leading you towards your optimal wellness vision?


If not, take some time to reorient, realign and recognize that food can be medicine.  


You know that what you eat is one of the biggest factors in your overall wellbeing, and that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for you. However, changing how you eat is not easy! If you've tried making changes to your diet on your own, you know what I mean.


Food is an incredibly personal and intimate part of who we are. What we eat is wrapped up in our culture, social relationships, and upbringing. Because of this, our habits around food can be the most difficult to change. 


In this coaching program, Whole Foods for Whole Health, I'll support you in incorporating more whole, plant-based foods into your diet. Designed to meet you where you are, this program will help you create a healthy lifestyle that gives you more energy and helps you feel better in your body. 


With every bite, you can improve your life.

Program Includes:

  • Four 50-minute individual coaching sessions, held every other week* via Zoom 

  • Coaching and support to help you incorporate more whole, plant-based foods into your diet

  • Simple, informative handouts 

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Private Community Group to engage with others and ask questions

*Sessions can be scheduled over a three-month period if you need more time between sessions. 

For more on what to expect, see a sample outline below for the Zoom sessions. Depending on your individual needs and interests, the topics covered each week are flexible. If there's time, we may also discuss other aspects of a plant-based lifestyle. 

Image by Scott Warman

Session 1

​In the first session, we'll discuss the importance of connecting to your 'why' for wanting to incorporate more whole foods into your diet.

You'll have an opportunity to set and share your intention and vision for what wellbeing means to you, and receive inspiration and motivation to support you in your journey.

We'll review the benefits of a whole, plant-based diet, and define what "whole foods" and "plant-based" mean, and what to look for when reading food labels. 

Session 2

In the second session, share your experiences and challenges with food and receive support in working towards your goals. Develop a deeper understanding of the food choices that work best for you.

We'll talk about the macro-nutrients (including protein), common myths of plant-based diets, and the crowding out method. 

You are the expert on you, and will be experimenting with different foods and how they make you feel. 

Session 3

This is when we'll start diving deeper into meal planning, shopping, and other options to support healthy eating (such as meal delivery services). 

I'll share best practices for planning that will enable you to upgrade your kitchen for more whole, plant-based eating.


This session will also cover tips for eating out, and ideas for meals (including how to swap out ingredients to make your favorite dishes plant-based). I'll share recipes with you based on your preferences.


Session 4

During our final session, we'll dive deeper into cooking to help you discover a whole new world by increasing the variety of plant-based foods you try. It's about abundance rather than focusing on what you can't eat.

We'll revisit your goals and optimal vision of wellbeing, and next steps based on your progress. 

If it's of interest, we can also cover topics such as cleansing, intermittent fasting and the elimination diet. 

Pricing and Registration

Total Investment: $799*

*Represents a 15% savings when paid in full at the start of the program. Or you have the option to pay $235/session.

To be considered for this coaching program, please complete the intake form, and I'll be in touch with you for next steps to complete your enrollment. 

If you're not sure whether or not this program is for you, schedule a free consultation to find out!

Your Coach

The coach for this program is Carrie Lehtonen, the Founder of Firefly Community. Carrie transitioned to a whole foods, plant-based diet over 10 years ago to protect her heart after surviving a heart attack at 31 years old.


Carrie is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner trained in over 100 dietary theories, who has been coaching people in making sustainable lifestyle improvements since 2012. Learn more about Carrie and Firefly Community on the About page.

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