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My Book is Almost Finished

I'm so excited that my book, Pawsitive Perspectives, is almost complete! If you follow me on Instagram or Substack you might have noticed that I've been posting life lessons from my beloved Ella.

After Ella passed away in August 2021, I wanted a way to capture all of my fond memories of her and her antics. In May 2023, I posted an article on Elephant Journal, Unleash Your Joy & 9 Other Lessons from a Shelter Dog Who Became Queen. Feedback on the article was positive, so I started thinking about how I could share more. 

When I attended the Unafraid Storyteller workshop led by poet and comic John Roedel last Fall, I knew I wanted to turn the lessons I learned from Ella into a book. I read my Elephant Journal article in the last session of the workshop, and the group was kind and supportive, giving me a gentle push to keep writing. Following the workshop, I set a goal to finish writing a first draft by the end of 2023. I accomplished my goal and started posting some chapters to Substack. I continued to make edits here and there, and in February I met the person who would become my editor while attending an online writers' conference.

The first round of edits was completed at the end of April, and I've been busy putting the final touches on the manuscript and talking with hybrid publishers, designers, and printers. The world of publishing is overwhelming and I'm finding that I have a lot to learn! Independently publishing a book requires many upfront investments in cover design, interior formatting, and printing – to name a few.

As I mention in the video here, I could use your help in moving the project forward. Your contribution will allow me to hire a designer for the book cover, get the files ready to upload to the publisher, and order author copies. As a gift for helping me bring this project to fruition, I'll provide contributors with the following based on the level of contribution:

  • Supporter ($30) - one signed paperback copy

  • Contributor ($55) - two signed copies of the paperback

  • Champion ($100) - two signed copies of the paperback and your name listed as a supporter in the acknowledgment pages of the book (if the contribution is received prior to printing) 

Anything that you can contribute is greatly appreciated. You also have the option to enter a custom amount. Any contribution of $30 or more will receive a signed copy of the paperback once it is printed. You can see more about the book and complete the form to contribute here. The form requires your address so that I can mail your book copy to you once it is available. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks in advance for your support. It means the world to me to be able to get this book published. 

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