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Spring Cleaning Challenge - Day 11

I had a weak moment on my drive home from teaching yoga tonight while thinking about what I could quickly put together for dinner. I briefly considered throwing in the towel and calling it good on the cleanse. Luckily I remembered that I did have something that met all of the requirements and could feed my hungry belly without a lot of time or effort. I’m glad I didn’t give in that easily after having made it this far. I only have three days left, and intend to see it through to the end.

Daily meditation has continued, albeit often in the company of all of the animals. Both cats and dogs take turns visiting me while I’m sitting quietly on the floor. Mala (the puppy) and Kali (female cat) in particular seem to enjoy the sound of Om when I close my meditation. I can’t say that I have remained completely focused throughout the meditation with all of that movement, but it is a much nicer way to start the day then diving right into email and all of the other to do’s.

As far as the spring-cleaning of my space – I admittedly have hit a wall. I still haven’t touched the boxes of pictures, photo albums and other memorabilia, but I did finally finish the kitchen. I have some more boxes in the basement that need to be recycled so I’ll have to put those out to be picked up on Friday.

Overall, I would say that I picked a good couple of weeks for this process, as I haven’t felt that it’s been difficult. I have experienced a range of emotions though, which could partially be attributed to weather and frustrations at work. I’ve been sure to make the time for self-care with a massage, pedicure and Epsom salt bath last week. I also enjoyed some sunshine laying around in the grass with my favorite guy and dogs. This weekend I’ll have some nice girl-time with my friends, and celebrate the successful completion of my spring-cleaning challenge with a hike (weather-permitting).

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