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Spring Cleaning - Day 2

In the throws of sorting through DVDs and CDs yesterday to determine what to give away and what to keep, I was reminded of an important aspect of any endeavor - proper planning is the key to success. In my flurry of activity, 1:00 PM crept up on me quickly and I realized I didn’t have anything prepared for lunch. I was able to toss together a salad quickly enough to avoid slipping on my first day!

The thing I struggled with the most yesterday evening and this morning was the frustration of going through all of my stuff. Despite making good progress (at least three bags of trash, seven boxes and one bag of things to donate, and a box of papers to shred), I was feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to get rid of and the time it takes to sort through it all. It’s amazing what you can accumulate over 10 years in one house! I’m sure I will feel much better when the project is complete, but the process is not much fun, which is a good lesson to keep me from filling the house again. I never did get around to the kitchen since I was still working on papers this morning.

I resolved my issue of lack of preparation yesterday afternoon by cooking up some black beans, lentils, and roasting vegetables that I can use in recipes throughout the rest of the week. A menu plan will be helpful to keep me on track. I brought the giant container of vegan caramel popcorn that we won in the raffle on Saturday to the office today so it wouldn’t tempt me. Sugar is difficult to cut out initially since it is addictive, but the bliss balls that I made from cashews and dates have been appeasing my cravings for now.

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