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What Can You NOT Do Today?

While I was on vacation in San Diego last week, I spent most of my time being rather than doing. We walked to dog beach at least twice a day, sometimes three times, to let the girls run in the sand and chase the waves. We went paddle boarding a couple of times, walked around in Balboa Park, enjoyed some yummy food, read books, and played cards. Other than the drive there and back, it was a pretty relaxing vacation.

I did some journaling using prompts from Kripalu's 30-days of Collective Wisdom Journal Series. Day three's writing prompts were perfect to help me get out of "doing-mode" and focus on being. They were:

  • How might I value the power of pause and rest in my life?

  • What does it feel like to "be" versus constantly "do?"

  • What will I NOT do today to create space for health, well-being, and rest for myself? 

I connected best with the final question. I decided what I would not do was be on my phone (other than to look at a menu for a restaurant we were thinking of going to for dinner – as a vegan, I usually have to double check to be sure there's something I can eat). I used the extra space from not looking at email to take a nap. 

A man and woman smiling in front of the San Diego sky line at sunset

What can you NOT do today to create space for yourself? How can you invite the power of pause in with open arms? When you switch from doing to being, what does that feel like? 

I arrived home on Saturday to a physical copy of my book, Pawsitive Perspectives, waiting for me! Holding the book in my hands, this culmination of all of my hard work, felt like a gift. I can't wait to share it with you. The book will be available for purchase next week!

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