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Where do you spend your energy?

We're in the final days of Firefly's Life-Work Balance challenge that started on October 23. Throughout the challenge, we've been taking steps to reclaim control over our lives.

Two ways to create and maintain balance are by managing energy and unplugging - both of which can be challenging in today's world.

The problem with being overworked and undercharged is that there will always be one area that suffers. Whether this is your home life, personal relationships, or your work productivity and success, it all comes down to this:

We only have a certain amount of energy.

This energy fluctuates within a given day and depending on certain factors like diet, activity

levels, and mental stimulation. We have times of peak energy, and more often than we'd like to admit, crashes throughout the day. The goal is to balance this energy, so that these fluctuations aren’t so extreme.

Energy awareness is important to work-life balance. Are you a morning person? Do you have to stay late at the office to get any work done? How could these things be altered to ensure you get a better balance and can start to use your energy to suit your needs and lifestyle?

Start by simply noticing your energy levels - when is it at its highest? When do you tend to hit ‘slumps’ or ‘lows’? And what can be done to counteract these and return your energy closer to balance?

Next, let's talk about the roll of technology in your life.

Studies have proven that the more screen-time we get, the less capable and engaged we are at participating in everyday life. This means that our work-life balance becomes confused and the body has a harder time relaxing at night, conserving enough energy for everyday tasks, and conversing face to face in real life and not through a screen.

Even if you don’t work online, the less time spent looking at a laptop or phone screen, the

better - your personal relationships will improve, and you’ll find yourself inhabiting an overall happier mindset, free from comparison to other people’s seemingly perfect and filtered lives.

If you work at a desk or from a laptop, try to limit the number of tabs you keep open as you work - keep open only those which are relevant to the task at hand. Make sure to stand up and move your body at least every two hours, and maintain an awareness of any spine-curvatures or upper back pain developing (this might be a sign your posture needs correcting).

I hope these tips help you create better life-work balance.

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