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Closing the Door on the 2010's and Welcoming the 2020's!

Typically this time of year we pause to reflect on the year we are leaving and start making plans for a new year. This year is special because it's not only the end of a year, we are closing out a decade! 

As I sat back to reflect upon the 2010's, I was proud of how far I've come from stressed out, corporate employee to thriving, healthy entrepreneur. After surviving a heart attack at 31 in 2009 (just a couple of months before this picture of me in Italy), I started a long journey that included training in over 100 dietary theories, a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods, and multiple forms of yoga. I decided that I wanted to spend my life helping others lead healthier, happier lives - lives full of passion, adventure, love and laughter. I followed my heart and left my job in Human Resources to focus full-time on Firefly. 

I learned the importance of standing in my truth and being my authentic self, without worrying about whether that aligns with what society tells us is success. I let go of all the things that were preventing me from being happy and turned towards the things that were good for my health and spirit. 

In addition to looking back, I also paused to reflect on what my future holds in the 2020's. I made a list of goals for the coming year, and thought about what it will take to bring them to life. I plan to incorporate daily habits that contribute to my goals rather than detract. I will release my limiting beliefs and play bigger by sharing who I am and what I offer with confidence!

I want to hear from you! What are you most proud of from the last 10 years, and what's next? Share with us by commenting on this post. 

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