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Why Firefly?

You might be wondering why I selected Firefly as the name for WholeHearted Health’s new branch of business focused not only on retreats, but also on building a yoga community for practitioners and teachers. I tested a few different ideas before deciding to move forward with Firefly. Aside from the obvious – light and illumination, which ties in with the theme of igniting your inner spark and allowing your unique light to shine for all the world to see - here are some things you might not know about this beetle which make it a perfect representation of the goals of Firefly Yoga Community.

  • It's what is on the inside that counts: Fireflies teach us the value of looking within for illumination. A firefly looks like an ordinary beetle during the day, but is a remarkable sight when it glows at night. This serves as a reminder that it is that which is inside us that makes us shine from the inside out. Our unique inner light is what illuminates us, and those around us.

  • Live simply, and minimize wasteful consumption: Fireflies use their environment as efficiently as possible, do not produce heat in order to create light, and eat very little in order to gain their energy. In the same way, we should respect our resources, minimize consumption, and avoid burning ourselves out in pursuit of our goals. Development can be a natural, easy-going process – if we let it!

  • Life is full of magic: The mysterious, magical lightening bug brings us back to our youth and the magical belief that anything is possible; a time when the world was full of awe and wonder. The firefly represents the freedom of spirit to manifest the dreams of your heart and live with passion.

And, it doesn’t hurt that firefly happens to be a yoga pose.

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