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Spring Cleaning Challenge Complete!

There were a few instances this weekend that I nearly abandoned the cleanse while eating out, however each time I was able to find something that met the requirements as far as I could tell. However, there did seem to be something sweet in the dosa that I ordered at Linger, so there may have been some hidden processed sugar in the sauce. That aside, I succeeded. I even managed to go bowling without wanting a beer – probably because I was having enough fun without it since I bowled one of my best games.

John and I joked that I would be in the kitchen at midnight eating wasabi peas and ciabatta bread, and drinking an Imperial, but I wasn’t! I was sound asleep in bed, content in knowing that I managed to eat nothing but clean, whole foods for 14 days without caving into any temptations. I did make French toast for breakfast this morning, and savored every bite of ciabatta bread with gratitude that I do not have a gluten allergy. I’ll be waiting a few days before adding soy back to my diet just to be sure that I don’t have any reactions to gluten. That way if I do have any adverse affects, I’ll be better able to pinpoint what’s causing them.

I missed one day of meditation out of the 14 – Friday, because I slept too late and didn’t have time before heading to teach yoga. I plan to continue the ritual of sitting quietly for 15 minutes each morning to start my day with a clear, focused mind. Following the event that I went to on Friday night, listening to Chris Guillebeau talk about his new book, Born for This, I’ll also journal for a few minutes each day to answer the question “Did today matter?” It’s a great way to track whether what you do each day is contributing to your goals, and what is working and what isn’t.

Admittedly I still have some Spring cleanup of my space to do, however I did make good progress, and feel less bogged down with clutter. Overall, I would classify this challenge as a success. I feel better in my body; am clear about my path forward; and inspired to focus my efforts on the things that fuel me and provide a sense of purpose.

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