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Spring Cleaning - Summary of Week 1

Today marks the last day of the first week of my Spring Cleaning Challenge. I have found it fairly easy to meditate every morning for 15 minutes, although I attract a lot of visitors. I have been using my mala to repeat a mantra for the period of meditation, which mostly keeps me focused on just that.

Mateo helping me meditate

I got off to a great start with clearing my space of that which I do not need for the first several days, but that has petered off in the last few days – most likely because I no longer have a deadline (there was a collection at work of donated items that I knew I was dropping off on Wednesday), and because what is left to go through are photo albums and other memorabilia. I managed to give away, toss or shred 15 boxes and bags of clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, kitchen stuff, miscellaneous electronics and papers. Given the weather is nice this weekend, I likely won’t return to this task until next week.

As far as food goes, I did a complete 180 after my lack of preparation on day 1, and ended up making and stocking up on more food than I could eat. I tried several recipes from the Conscious Cleanse book, some that were a success and others not so much. I invented some of my own creations and have overall been satisfied. I have already experienced some degree of clear up of the rosacea on my forehead, so fingers crossed that the trend continues.

I was a little worried coming into the weekend about craving a treat. While John enjoyed his Friday evening beer yesterday, I drank some kombucha. It’s funny the things that become “special treats” when you aren’t consuming sugar, alcohol or gluten (my biggest vice!). I suppose this was actually a cheat since there is sugar in the process of making kombucha. I have decided to add corn back onto my list of acceptable foods tomorrow as I suspect I do not actually have a sensitivity to corn, and some homemade popcorn will be my way to celebrate at the Rockies baseball game.

The great thing about living in such proximity to Boulder is that we can go out to eat tonight and I know I will be able to eat something tasty because Zeal has several options on their menu and even marks them as Conscious Cleanse friendly so you know what is ok to eat without having to ask a ton of questions.

With one week down, I feel confident that the next week will be over before I know it.

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