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Spring Cleaning Challenge - Day 1

I went out with a bang last night. We attended Vegan Prom in Denver and I filled up on lots of yummy vegan sweets, had a couple of drinks and danced the night away. We left just before midnight and as I stepped back into the house, the Spring Cleaning Challenge began.

As part of my meditation this morning, I set my intention for the next 14 days.

  • I feel lighter and energized.

  • I feel less cluttered in my thoughts and better able to focus on the things that are important.

  • My space is clear of that which I do not need, and as a result I feel free.

My goals are targeted at feeling lighter and clearer, so that I can have more energy and focus to move forward on my larger goals of finding land for the retreat center and growing my retreat business. I will be detoxifying my body and cutting out the common allergens so that I can identify what is causing the rosacea on my forehead. It had been clear for a couple of years after eliminating dairy from my diet, but for some reason it has returned and I haven’t been able to pinpoint why.

I will mostly follow the guidance of The Conscious Cleanse throughout the next 14 days, however I am not fully committed to eliminating nightshade vegetables. I will avoid them as much as possible, but may have some bell peppers or tomatoes here and there.

I will meditate at least 15 minutes per day in an attempt to re-instate that habit into my daily routine as I have found it to be beneficial to me in the past. By taking that time for silence in the morning, I am better able to identify and tackle my top priority for the day. It is also a nice way to ease into the day without stressors.

Last week, I read the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and yesterday started the process of purging my home of that which does not spark joy or that I do not need. I managed to get through clothes, books and toiletries yesterday, and today will tackle papers, the kitchen (which I suspect will be difficult for me to discard any of my precious cookware), and DVDs/CDs. I’m curious to see how long I can maintain the folding method from the book, but as of right now, my drawers look very organized and it is nice to be able to see all of the contents in one glance.

It’s a cold and snowy day today, perfect condition for focusing on work indoors. My goal is to get through all of my purging in this first week so that when the weather warms up again we can get to work on our raised garden bed.

I will keep you posted on my progress throughout the next two weeks. It’s not too late to join me and receive daily tips and support as you pursue your own unique cleanse goals. See the Spring Cleaning Page for full details and to register.

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