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Pura Vida Costa Rica

I left Costa Rica Saturday rejuvenated and with a full heart. The past five weeks filled my soul. The fresh, nutritious food, lush landscape, active wildlife, and kind people reminded me of all the good there is in this life. Sharing Costa Rica with the 11 beautiful souls who joined my first retreat at Blue Spirit was one of the most inspiring events of my life. The energy of Nosara, particularly Playa Guiones area, is one that is hard to match. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so at home outside of Colorado and my childhood home in NH as I do there. In addition to being a Blue Zone (a place where vitality is measurably higher than other parts of the world), Nosara is a place of growth and expansion. Each time I return, I feel stronger and more willful.

I am filled with love from having spent a week with 11 people who are all so unique and fabulous. They say you never forget your first, and it seems that applies to yoga retreats too. I will forever cherish how open and caring everyone has been with each other and themselves during this adventure together in a world of abundance.

While I look forward to cooking in my own kitchen, I will miss the intense flavor of the fruits and vegetables served throughout Costa Rica. The mango that was sent to my room on the first day at Blue Spirit was perhaps the best tasting mango I have ever had the pleasure of eating. What made it even more special was sharing it with new friends on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

Ah – the ocean…I love the mountains of Colorado, but the ocean calls to me now and again. The salt water rejuvenates me and reminds me of the infinite power of the universe that is inside each of us. I have been repeating the mantra “I am more than I appear to be, all the strength and power of the universe rests inside me” daily over the past two weeks. I have no doubt that the power of this mantra, and the energy of Costa Rica is what enabled me to do a few things that I fear this past week. I rode a horse, surfed some waves, put myself in front of 11 people and felt confident and happy every step of the way. I was in my element – I found my haven, my spirit.

I boarded the plane with tears in my eyes and an ear-to-ear smile. Over the past week, I let my soul shine. I stopped doing and started being. I opened my heart, let down my walls, and gained more than I could have ever hoped. I slowed down, paid attention, listened and watched, and the world unfolded before me. I looked to the horizon and the sky, and I found myself. I am grateful to Costa Rica (it’s land, sea and people), and to the 11 Bliss, Balance and Beach retreat participants who chose me as their guide for this adventure. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

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