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What are you saying yes to?

Current circumstances remind us that life can change in an instant. Everything you thought you would be doing today, this week, this month has likely changed due to COVID-19 and recommendations (in some places mandates) to shelter in place and keep your distance from others. I was supposed to be scuba diving in Grand Cayman next week, but now I'll be at home teaching yoga online and working on building out Firefly's new coaching program. 

This time presents us with an opportunity. A chance to take a look at our lives and ask some questions. You might ask yourself, "Am I spending my time doing something I love, or am I going through the motions?" Think about your typical day and week; be honest - is your time filled with things that contribute to your health and happiness, or stuff that you're not even sure why you are doing it? I'm spending a lot more time the last couple of weeks cooking nutritious food and moving my body. I've also been considering the long-term mission of Firefly and how I can support that by the actions I take now.  

This is a great time to take inventory of what you say yes to, and what you don't. Take a moment to pause and consider your long-term vision. Let yourself dream. Where do you want to be in the next three to five years, and what can you start doing now that contributes to that vision? What do you want to change when we come out of this? Where in your day can you make time for self-care, and things that fill you up rather than deplete your energy? If you're not sure where to start, keep scrolling to see our online yoga class schedule. We'd love to stay connected with you!

Online Class Schedule: (all times are MDT)

Tuesday: 9AM Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday: 11AM Yin Yoga and 4:30PM Hot Power Fusion

Thursday: 9AM Vinyasa Flow

Friday: 11AM Yin Yoga

Donations for group Zoom classes can be made via Venmo to @Carrie-Lehtonen orPayPal

You can join using this Zoom link. If you would like to receive a calendar invitation, please contact us.

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