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Learning to Surrender

I recently listened to a podcast on Live Awake with Sarah Blondin called Learning to Surrender in which she talks about the ways that we try to control our outcomes by keeping our worries in sight. However, the more we trust the journey itself, the more fluid and joyful life becomes. We pick up worries and burden, and try to avoid chaos. But if we can release fear and it's grip on us, we can surrender to the universe's work in reordering our lives to bring more of what we are calling for to us.

Listening to the meditation reminded me of the Cycle of Awareness that I learned about in my yoga teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute. When everything seems to be rolling along predictably in our life, we are in the Normal Flow of Life stage. But inevitably something comes along - a Challenge that Interrupts Balance. It could be an injury, illness, loss or realization that you are no longer aligned with your current situation. This throws us into Confusion and Chaos where we might fight to try to keep life the same as it was. When you finally surrender and stop trying to control, you enter the Fertile Void. It is in this space that it's best to be peaceful and quiet and let go. It can feel like a time of darkness, but as you tap into Inner Resources, new possibilities, inspiration and ideas come forward, leading you to Integration and finally your New State of Being.     It can be challenging to let go and surrender to the process. You might even bounce back and forth between Chaos and Confusion, the Fertile Void and the Inner Resources stages of the cycle. If you find yourself stuck, it can help to have support in moving through the stages. Schedule a free consultation with us to learn how we can help.

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