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Celebrate the Solstice

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice, the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year, is this Thursday, December 21. On this day, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. After Thursday, each day will gain a bit more daylight. In Latin, sol means “the sun” and sistere means “to make stand.” The Winter Solstice is one the most powerful times of the year, because the axis of the Earth pauses, shifts, and then begins to move in the opposite direction. The sun standing still is a powerful metaphor for our ability to pause, and then change the direction of our lives with intention.

The energy of winter is that of going within – a time to rest and reflect. We cannot always be in a period of growth. All life has periods of ebb and flow. In nature, winter is a time of regression and withering. But, this is a necessary process for life to flourish when we return to spring. As we consciously link our awareness to nature's cycles, our understanding of our own personal growth cycle deepens. Out of the fruitful darkness and silence of winter, new inspiration can emerge.

The darkness is an essential source, and catalyst for personal growth. We must allow ourselves to feel our emotions, and experience our own darkness. We have both darkness and light within us. The solstice is the perfect time to look back on what has passed, and look forward to the brighter days of the future. It's a great time to purge anything that no longer serves you. Doing so will create space, free from any negative energy or memories, which may have accumulated over the past year. This is a great time to acknowledge endings and new beginnings. 

Celebrate by joining us for a free online workshop via Zoom at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Thursday. During this workshop you'll have the opportunity to cleanse your mind to set yourself up to move forward with an open heart, without mental clutter to hold you back. You'll also have time to reflect and consider what you want the next year to look like. We'll start with some yin yoga poses to prepare the body to sit. Then, I'll take you through a guided meditation and journaling exercise. This workshop can be done from where you are. Register for free here to receive the Zoom link to join.

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