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Are you ready to step it up?

If you missed steps one and two for improving your health and wellbeing, go back and read the posts from the last two days. Step three is where things get serious. It's time to set goals and take action to make your ideal life a reality! While there are many ways to create goals, I find the SMART acronym to be helpful in ensuring success. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound. Pick a couple of focus areas that are important to you, write down a few SMART goals, and then break those down into small steps that you can start taking today. Small habits that we do everyday have a huge impact. Pro-tip: If you can link each small step to something that you already do, it will be easier to incorporate into your daily life. Click play on the video below for why small steps are important to success. Keep an eye out tomorrow for Step 4!

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