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Silence is Golden

Find quiet in a chaotic world

Last week, I moved from Broomfield (suburb of Denver) to Evergreen (nestled at the foot of the mountains). The most significant difference that I have noticed so far, is how quiet it is in the new house - I can hear the dogs' paws on the hard wood floors, the refrigerator running, and most enjoyable, the birds chirping outside. This is exactly what I was craving more of when I told my husband, John, that I was ready to make a

move away from the city. I had lived in Broomfield for the entire 14+ years that I have been in Colorado, and the number of people who have moved into the Denver metro area in that time was getting to be too much for me. I’m a small-town girl at heart, and moving to a road with no street lights and more trees than neighbors was what I wanted at this stage in my life. Being in Evergreen, we still have access to the city when we want it, and we are only 15 minutes from a grocery store, but the things that are closer to us are trails to hike and bike, the lake to kayak and SUP on, and lots of wildlife. I’ve seen groups of deer and/or elk every time I have left the house so far. I made the choice for physical separation from the chaos, but there are ways that you can find quiet without having to move. If your world has gotten more chaotic than you would like, here are some tips for creating moments of peace:

  • Wake up 10 minutes earlier than the rest of your household to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee before the rush of getting ready for the day begins

  • Set aside 10-15 minutes after lunch to go for a walk outside

  • Sit on a park bench and watch the birds or clouds for a few minutes

  • Pause to take five deep breaths before tackling a project

In these moments of peace, you may discover the joy of silence. Share with us by commenting below to let us know where/how you find peace.

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