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Closing the Book on 2018

As we begin 2019, you might already be setting resolutions and intentions for the year ahead. However, before closing the book on 2018, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the past year – to acknowledge accomplishments and consider what lessons can be taken from any challenges. To help you with this process, here are three questions to consider as you look back on 2018. Find a quiet space and give yourself time to contemplate these questions.

  1. What did I do, create or experience in 2018 that I’m proud of? Consider all the accomplishments you’ve had, whether big or small, and take a moment to acknowledge your role in making these things happen.

  2. What challenges, mistakes or difficult moments did I experience, and what lessons did I learn from them? The second part of this question is the key as it allows you to take something away from any challenges that you can leverage going forward.

  3. What am I willing to let go of that no longer serves me or is no longer aligned with who I am now? These could be limiting beliefs, a story that you tell yourself that holds you back, or a project or commitment that no longer fits in with what you want.

Be specific when answering each of these questions, and write it down. Celebrate those things that went well and that you are proud of having accomplished, and explore what lessons you can take from the challenging moments. Be willing to let go of anything that may hold you back, or prevent you from reaching your goals for the new year. This is an important step to ensure success in 2019.

After taking time to reflect on the past 12 months, set clear intentions of exactly what you want for 2019. This process will give your mind clear instructions for what to focus on in the new year. Share your dreams and goals for 2019 with us by commenting below. Cheers to a healthy, happy 2019!

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