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Year in Review

"When Love and determination work together expect a masterpiece" - Tamz

In January, I wrote about my intention for the year to lead with love. In this last month of the year, as I reflect on all that has happened in the last 11 months, there were certainly many times that love was the star of the show. John and I got married in June, and then celebrated again in August with friends and family in NH who couldn’t make it to our Colorado ceremony. One of our gifts from the wedding was a jar with a pad of paper to write a thought or memory each day that we will read together on our first anniversary. We have collected a lot of wonderful memories together. I lead three retreats in 2017: Costa Rica in May, Italy in September and India with my good friend Heidi in October. Traveling the world with wonderful people, and doing what I love, was another opportunity to incorporate my intention. While dealing with some less positive experiences, such as the uncertainty at my other job, and my brother-in-law, Scott, being in a serious bicycle accident, I came to realize that kindness and compassion are needed the most when we are in struggle. As I watch Scott’s recovery from the brain injury he sustained in the accident, I notice his personality shining through. Scott’s kindness is at the forefront in his interactions with all of the people involved in his care. He says thank you to all who help him, and genuinely appreciates those who are supporting him through his recovery. With everything that is going on in the world right now, I believe we all could use a little more kindness and compassion towards one another and ourselves. The other lesson I have gained from observing Scott’s progress is the importance of determination. Scott is no stranger to hard work – he is an endurance athlete who competed in a half Ironman and a marathon just a month before his accident. The strength of his will has been an asset while he works to rebuild his body and brain. Love may be behind our ability to be kind and compassionate, but determination is what drives us to act. Together, love and determination can help us build a better world. A place where people don’t live in fear of one another, and each of us believes that we can do and be our best selves. As we enter into a new year, I move forward with not only love in my heart, but a strong will to act in the hopes that I leave the world a little better and brighter. It all begins with a single step.

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