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Sit in the Seat of Your True Self

My day will be full of wrapping gifts, making food and spending quality time with those I love, but I wanted to take a few minutes to post some of the thoughts from my second week in Nosara. My time there flew by quickly and now I’m home in Colorado. It was a whirlwind couple of weeks with a lot of learning, growth and change. I left Costa Rica with joy, light and love in my heart. I am a stronger person (and lighter for having let go of a lot of baggage) who is prepared to sit in the seat of my true self in my day-to-day life. It’s interesting that a workshop focused on anatomy would end up touching me so deeply on a personal level, but the sacred space created by the special vibe/environment in Nosara and the beautiful people with whom I spent the 14 days was the perfect place for me to face my shadows and ignite my light.

The second sutra that we focused on during the program is Yoga Sutra II, number 46 “Sthira Sukham Asanam.” Asana is a steady comfortable position, or the seat of the self (true essence, divine nature). Sthira is steady and grounded, resolute and sturdy. Sukham is happy, pleasant and comfortable. We discussed many ways that this sutra can be interpreted, but the translations that resonated most with me are: 1) to be more our self is to become more grounded and happier; and 2) pleasantly resolute in the core of who we are and how we carry ourselves in this world.

I realize that when I move away from my core being out of fear or to try to be what others want me to be (rather than exactly who I am), then my foundation is not as strong and it is harder to handle conflict or transition to a new state of being. To avoid remaining stuck in a place where we give up, we must resolve to remain in the seat of our true self, our essential nature. A quote that I recently read in Yoga Journal sums this up well: “Our bravest moments are often the times we feel terrified, painfully vulnerable, and unsure of what might happen next-and yet we act…All that really matters in life requires courage. Falling in love. Saying you are sorry. Being with a grieving friend. Sharing your art. Telling the truth.” – Marianne Elliot. All of these things require the courage to be resolute in the core of who we are, and be comfortably grounded in our true self. In transitions or times of challange or fear, remember we all have what we need to move forward already within us.

At the end of my energy session with a Chinese medicine man in Costa Rica, we talked about the light within each of us, and that everything is connected. He encouraged me to let go of the loss, the hurt and pain of past sorrows, and realize that my light and love are always there – all I have to do is breathe and come back to the intention of love and I can’t get lost. Also that when love is shared, not only does it come back, it grows and multiplies. We talked about the endless possibilities in life, and I left inspired to continue to learn and grow and find ways to share my knowledge, compassion and love to serve others.

I returned to Colorado comfortably grounded and steady in my essential nature. Those are the gifts that I received from my journey this month, and the gifts I most want to share this holiday season. Best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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