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What can you give?

I'm certain that your email inbox is full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, which all encourage you to buy stuff. Even I sent a deal this year. Today, you probably received fundraising emails from charitable organizations for Giving Tuesday. Which, if you have the means to do so, is a good way to celebrate the spirit of giving by supporting the important work that non-profits are doing around the world. But, what if you don't have the funds to spare this holiday season? As an alternative to a monetary donation, consider how you can leverage your unique gifts in a way to support others. The holidays can be a stressful time, and people in your community may need your help.

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.

  • Maybe you have a great sense of humor. Is there someone in your life who could use a pick-me-up right now? Give them a call today and share some laughs with them to brighten their day.

  • Perhaps you're a fabulous cook. Is there someone in your neighborhood who lives alone who may appreciate if you dropped off a delicious meal for them?

  • Are you great with dogs? The family next door who rarely has time to walk their dog might appreciate your offer to take their dog along on your next walk or hike.

  • Do you like to write or draw? The organization Letters Against Isolation, which started during COVID, can use more people to write letters to seniors.

Pull out a journal or piece of paper and jot down any thoughts that arise of how you can shine your light to support those in your community. Happy giving! As I do every year, I'll be making contributions to some of my favorite charitable organizations over the next few weeks. I'm also due to give a life-saving blood donation at a local blood bank. As a universal donor, this is something I try to do with regularity. Find a donation site in your area here. May the spirit of giving bring you joy this holiday season.

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