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One Step Towards Your Health Goals

Last week, I celebrated the 13-year anniversary of the near death experience that triggered my transformation from a stressed-out, human resources professional climbing the corporate ladder, to someone who lives each day with intention, connected to my purpose.

At 31 years old, I had a heart attack. A blood clot in my coronary artery would have claimed my life that night had I not gone to the hospital.

I've shared my story of that fateful day many times over the years, so today I want to focus on the steps that I took following my release from the hospital.

Through my connection with the American Heart Association, I learned the facts about heart disease, including the statistic that 80% is preventable with lifestyle changes.

Inspired by the fact that we have the power to reduce the impact of heart disease, I embarked on a long journey that included education in nutrition and life-coaching methods to become a holistic health practitioner, started managing my stress, cleaned up my diet, and dove deep into the practice of yoga, including training to become a yoga teacher.

My path wasn't always a straight line, and there were many starts and stops, and wrong turns. But, along the way I picked up tools and resources that helped me connect to myself, find my way and create sustainable habits that have kept my heart strong and healthy ever since.

I felt called to be an active participant in the fight against heart disease, and created Firefly Community to help others on their path to healthier, happier lives.

I developed a master class, Five Steps to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing, to meet you where you are, and address health from a holistic perspective. While I've had a recording of this class available on the Firefly Community website for a couple of years, I thought it might be helpful to host a live session where you can actively participate in the conversation, and ask questions along the way.

Join me this Friday at 12:00 PM Mountain Time for this special live session. Register to join via Zoom by clicking here.

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