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Increase your resilience and happiness through kindness

It’s the final month of 2020 – a year that has been full of change and challenge. There’s no doubt that this year has tested our resilience. 

I’ve spent the past several months seeking out ways to increase happiness and build resilience.

I’m taking an online course, The Science of Well Being, offered for free by Yale University. Each week, the instructor, Laurie Santos, provides a “rewiring” assignment designed to improve your level of happiness. Santos also provides strategies to help you overcome the things that get in the way of your wellbeing.  

Santos talks about the stuff that really does make us happier. One that stood out the most to me was being kind to others. When we seek out ways to act with kindness and connect with others, it gives us a happiness boost. A study that Santos refers to showed that giving to others can make us happier than spending money on ourselves. 

“Be giving and kind to others” made the list in the article Five Ways to Cope with Change and Build Resilience by Rebecca Robin. Other tips included nurturing yourself, letting go of the need to be in control, and connecting with a sense of purpose.  

Robin says “as humans, we are primarily driven to action by doing what feels good.” When you commit to participating in causes that serve the greater good, you are working toward becoming a more giving and inclusive person.

Today, Giving Tuesday, is a great time to practice becoming a more giving person. Starting today, and every Tuesday in December, I’ll be personally contributing to a cause that I support and care deeply about. I’ll include a bit about each organization in my weekly post (see below for today’s selected charitable organization). 

Join me in charitable giving and acts of kindness throughout December. Share what you've done with me by commenting below or tagging Firefly Community (Facebook: @FireflyYogaCommunity; Instagram: @FireflyCommunity) in your social media posts.

I look forward to growing happier and more resilient with you!

Denver Dumb Friends League

Today I'm donating to the Dumb Friends League, the animal shelter in Denver where I adopted Ella over 14 years ago. Since 1910 the DDFL has provided care, shelter, services, and a compassionate voice for those who cannot speak from themselves.

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