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Honor the Rhythms of Life

Tomorrow, we enter the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves begin to change, I'm reminded that nature is our greatest teacher - especially when it comes to honoring the rhythms and cycles of life.

Just as a flower cannot bloom all of the time, we too must rest and go inside. The peace and stillness that come with slowing down allow us to grow.

Nature shows us that all life needs time below the surface. If we cease to act, life itself goes on and grows even fuller. However, we're so afraid to enter the space of stillness and non-doing, because it has become habit to be constantly busy. We let ourselves believe that the more we do, the more we become. We measure our worth and success by how busy we are. Our default setting is mindless doing on automatic pilot.

The natural order of things is that seasons change, the leaves turn gold and fall, trees and flowers go dormant. If we can embrace this time and honor the call to rest, we'll find ourselves in a breeding ground for new life. By not doing for a period of time, we can find inspiration and energy to bloom again - to become more (not less).

Take time this week to recognize the rhythm within you, and allow yourself the time to be still and nourish yourself.

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