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Fill Your Cup, so you can be your best self

There were many great sessions at the Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference, so I have more to share with you this week.

During a session on resiliency presented by Brian Luke Seaward, he said "resilience is about how you recharge, not how you endure." That resonated with me, because often in my life I would grin and bear it, and press on even when I was on the brink of burnout.

While we're all familiar with the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup," we continue to run around giving away our energy (our most important resource), and rarely slow down to fill up. We may even have cracks in our cup that make it nearly impossible for us to refill even if we try!

You can't be your best self when your cup is empty, so what can you do to fill your cup? Here are some ideas:

  • Unplug to allow for cognitive recovery - get off of the screens and other things that drain your energy and get out in nature

  • Know your strengths and put them into practice, which then helps bring out the best in others as well

  • Stay grounded by making sure you're getting enough sleep, exercise, and nutritious food

  • Access your resources (support groups, friends, hobbies)

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Evaluate how you're doing and tweak your strategy if it's not working

  • Celebrate your success (even the small things)

If you need some help getting started, check out Firefly's The Art of Resiliency course and our Fall workshops.

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