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Let's Connect to Cultivate Community

Almost four years ago I pulled an article out of Yoga Journal - an interview with Kerri Kelly written by Seane Corn. I came across this article recently and reread the parts that I had underlined, including "When we ask what issues the world faces right now, the root of the problem is always disconnection, whether it's disconnection from our bodies or disconnection from one another in relationship or disconnection from the system itself. And the social cost of disconnection is massive." I wholeheartedly agree that what we need most is connection. That's why one of Firefly's goals is to cultivate community. For quite some time I've been thinking about how to do this, and I've finally taken action in the past month to put plans into action.

We can be better, healthier versions of ourselves when we feel connected. To summarize an idea from Deepak Chopra: When we have a sense of belonging (to ourselves and to a group), we are empowered to live in the now, be free of judgement, and grow and evolve. In addition, a sense of belonging is the best medicine. Studies have shown that people who have a social support network get sick less often, heal faster and have more longevity. That's why I have updated Firefly's primary Facebook Group to focus on creating connection. Starting in January, I'll be posting monthly community meetups to bring people together to share their unique gifts, because when we shine our light we give others permission to do the same. Join the group to get involved!

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