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Feeling sluggish?

Yesterday was the vernal equinox for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Vernal translates to “new” and “fresh,” and equinox is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). Our hours of daylight have been growing slightly longer each day since the winter solstice in December, which is the shortest day of the year in terms of sunlight. The vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to win out over darkness. As we enter this time of growth and renewal, Spring is a great time to cleanse. You've probably spent time Spring cleaning your home, but what about your body?

Short-term cleanses are a great way to build long-term health. Firefly's Spring Cleanse Group starts on April 1. Kickstart a healthier lifestyle with options for either a 7-day reset, 9-day deep cleanse, or the 30-day system. You're just a click away from feeling better! For the Spring Cleanse, we'll use Isagenix products to nourish your body’s natural detoxification systems, aid in improved digestion, and support increased energy, improved sleep, reduced cravings, and improved mental clarity. The Spring Cleanse is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the process of intermittent fasting. You'll be joined by others taking the journey, and you'll have the chance to interact and ask questions throughout the cleanse via email or in the Facebook group. Some benefits others have reported following a cleanse, include:

  • Visible changes in the appearance of the skin

  • Weight loss

  • Balanced moods

  • Sharpened mental clarity

  • Improved digestion

In addition to cleansing the body, you'll set your own mindfulness goal to help clear your mind. Mindfulness and mediation are personal to each of us, so pick what works best for you so that you can stick with it throughout the cleanse. Visit the Spring Cleanse Group page to get started!

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