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Are you Mindful or Mind full?

I was reading a Yoga Journal article recently that asked "what if true wellness actually means doing less?" I was immediately transported to a time in my life when I was running on overdrive, trying to be all things to all people. I was working crazy hours, training hard for the next triathlon and going out with friends every chance I got. It was a heart attack at 31 years old that got my attention, and forced me to pause long enough to consider whether what I was doing was really what I wanted. 

The YJ article went on to stress the importance of the following: 

  • Decreasing productivity and becoming more present

  • Choosing authenticity over efficiency

  • Pausing for pleasure instead of optimizing each moment

If you had said these things to my 30-year old self, I would have thought, "not now, I have too much to do!" I was caught in the hamster wheel where many of us find ourselves in today's society. The risk of never slowing down is not only your health, but also your happiness. If you never pause to check in with whether what you are doing is aligned with who you truly are at your core, it's a recipe for disaster. You might spend your life chasing someone else's dream and giving up the things that make you feel lit up, alive and excited! 

When was the last time you took a moment to slow down, to clear your mind and be present in the moment? If you can't recall, then maybe it's time to try it. Go outside to put your face in the sun and feet on the Earth, and allow any thoughts to pass on by without getting caught up in thinking about what you have to do next. Or pour a cup of tea and find a quiet place to relax and enjoy drinking it without distractions (that includes your phone!). Give yourself permission to take a time out.

If you can't imagine what it would be like to press pause, join us on a retreat to give yourself the opportunity to re-connect to yourself and what you truly want and need.  

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