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Announcing Yoga to Thrive Classes

Earlier this month, I mentioned new classes and programs coming this year. The first opportunity to join Firefly's new Yoga to Thrive class is this Friday!

First, I'll take a step back to explain how this idea took shape.

When I was thinking about my intention and goals for this year, the word that kept popping up was authenticity. I wondered "how can I show up as my true self in both my personal and business life?"

I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and leading yoga retreats for eight years. In this time, I've been trained in multiple styles of yoga, taught more than 2,000 classes, and practiced with teachers from many lineages. As a triathlete, I've also engaged in several other fitness modalities, like pilates, strength-training, barre - you name it!

When thinking about being more authentic, and true to not only what I need from yoga in my 40s, but what I hear from my students, I landed on an idea - perhaps it's time to create a style of yoga specifically for Firefly Community. I decided, given Firefly's motto of Ignite, Thrive, Shine, that Yoga to Thrive would be a fitting description.

Yoga to Thrive classes are designed to keep you mobile and agile so that you can age gracefully, maintain range of motion, and stay active and injury-free. Increase body awareness and improve your overall wellbeing by engaging in a practice that combines intentional movements with strength-building and balance.

This isn't your typical yoga class - I've taken multiple styles of yoga and combined them to create a well-rounded practice that is appropriate for all levels, and does not require any experience with yoga.

Yoga to Thrive classes start this Friday, January 20 at 12 p.m. Mountain Time via Zoom. Ininitally, I'm offering these classes once per month, but intend to add more classes in the future. If you're interested, but the time doesn't work for you, comment on this post and let me know a day of the week and time of day that would work. That will help me determine interest and best times to offer this class going forward.

I'd love to see you at a class. Classes are $15 each, or sign up for a set of three for $36. Register here to join me!

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