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2nd Pillar - Connection with Others

This week’s blog focuses on the second pillar that drives Firefly’s offerings – connection to others. In this digital age of information overload and social media, our lives are more public than ever; however, many people report feeling isolated and disconnected. We are lacking true connection to others.

Of the five areas that impact wellbeing, relationship has the second highest impact, right behind career. We’re social beings, and community is intrinsically important to us. Community is such an important part of Firefly that it’s in our full business name – Firefly Community LLC. With each retreat we organize and/or lead, we keep the group to less than 15 people to encourage a more intimate experience and opportunity to bond with each other. We encourage participants to stay connected with each other after the retreat through our Facebook group and other means of communication. When Firefly opens our own retreat center in Colorado, we will also offer a membership option that provides access to resources, personal retreats and a support network on an ongoing basis.

Part of Firefly's mission is to light up the world with a tribe of "fireflies" who go out into their communities and light others up by letting their own lights shine. I personally enjoy connecting with others through the yoga classes that I teach, spending time with friends and family (including pets), and attending group classes that have a community feel, such as Dance Jam at the gym and yoga classes at the studios where I also teach.

We want to hear from you. How do you connect with others? Share your thoughts with us on social media – comment on this post below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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