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The Four Pillars of Firefly Community

Before I launched Firefly Community in early 2017, I wrote a blog post about why I choose the name Firefly for this new business venture. What I have not posted about are the four pillars that drive Firefly’s services and offerings, and will be the core focus of our future retreat center.

Over the years that I have been talking to people via health coaching, teaching yoga and in my career in human resources, I have come to find that the thing that seems to be slipping from the grasp of most of us is connection. True connection to self, others, the Earth and our food seems out of reach in this digital age of information and fast-paced living where we run from one thing to another without slowing down to eat a wholesome meal or to ask whether we are living the life we want. I believe that each of these aspects is critical to leading a happy, healthy life.

Over the next four weeks, I would like to explore with the Firefly Community what each of these pillars means to you and how you find and cultivate connection. Each Tuesday, I will post a blog with my thoughts regarding each of these areas and ask you to share your comments with the community via social media. Let’s use the tools that we have available to create connection rather than scrolling on by to the next thing.

Watch for the post on October 9 regarding connection to self, which will be followed on October 16 regarding connection to others, then October 23 on connection to the Earth/nature and finally October 30 regarding connection to food. I hope that you will join us in the conversation and share your comments and thoughts.

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