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What lights you up?

Happy Independence Day! During the week that many people watch fireworks light up the sky, my thoughts turn to the light within each of us. When selecting the name Firefly, the image of being lit up was a big part of the decision. Our intention with this community is to help ignite your inner fire. Many of us have lost touch with our passion and inspiration, and as a result find ourselves going through the motions of life. Doing the things that we think we should be doing, and acting in ways that others expect us to act. We may end up feeling a bit dull and bored even though we are busy with tasks and responsibilities.

Firefly encourages you to press pause. Step away from your routine, and allow space and time to reconnect with that which inspires you – that makes you feel most alive. We offer classes, workshops and retreats to help you tap into what makes you tick. However, the trick is staying connected to your passion in your everyday life. Find time for those things that make you happy each day. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the things that light me up that I have incorporated into my daily routine:

  • Spend time outside: I walk the dogs every day, and cannot stop smiling as I watch my girls explore. Mala sprinting around with a stick like it is the best thing on Earth is pure joy. Seeing the smile on Ella’s face as she patrols the neighborhood makes my day brighter.

  • Dance: I make a point to attend one dance jam class at the gym every week, but I also dance in the kitchen while cooking dinner every evening. Music makes me happy, and despite my lack of rhythm, dancing is something that eases the stress of the day. John and I love dancing together so much that it was one of the highlights at our wedding, and is a fun way to connect with each other on a daily basis.

  • Learn: I am a life-long learner. I love to explore all of the wonderful things that this world has to offer. We are all here for a reason, and I believe that consistently growing and expanding is an important part of life. Everyday, I spend time either reading a book, writing, or researching something that interests me – often times this involves some aspect of yoga or travel.

  • Move: When I don’t move my body, I tend to get too caught up in my thoughts, which can become an endless loop of over-analysis. I can break this pattern by getting up and doing something active – whether it is a bike ride, a yoga class, paddle boarding, or simply a set of jumping jacks, getting my blood flowing brings my awareness back into my body and relieves the stress that my mind has a tendency to create.

I would love to hear from you about what lights you up and how you incorporate it into your life. Please share your inspiration with our community by posting on our Facebook page or connecting with us on Twitter.

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